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Since its inception in 2004, Sugar Daddy for Me has been one of the most popular sugar daddy dating sites. Offer a simple, powerful platform that currently holds over 4 million members around the world, this is one of the most frequented sugar daddy and sugar baby dating sites online.

However, despite all the notoriety, is Sugar Daddy for Me still relevant for those who are looking to date sugar daddies or sugar babies?


One of the more attractive features of the Sugar Daddy for Me site is that the membership costs are quite reasonable. As with most online dating sites, signing up is free and you get a three-day trial for accepting a premium membership.

  • Silver: $19.95 per month
  • Gold: $24.95 per month

There is a one-time fee of just $3.95 for those who want to upgrade their membership to get the premium package. Keep in mind that if your 3-day trial membership will automatically be renewed unless you cancel it yourself.

Features Lists

There are several excellent features that help make Sugar Daddy for Me an attractive dating site to join. For many, it starts with the free membership that allows you to create a profile and upload photos and information so you can get started.

See Most Viewed Profiles
In-Mail System for Communication
Testimonials and Success Stories for Inspiration
Basic & Advanced Search Options

There is plenty to like when visiting this sugar daddy dating site. The features are solid and familiar, while the site itself is easy to navigate and provides plenty of members.

Pros & Cons

All things considered, there are several advantages to this sugar daddy and sugar baby dating site, especially for those who are just getting started.

  • Low Cost
  • Respectable Features
  • Easy to Narrow Search Parameters
  • Clean, Logical Layout

Overall, the pros for this site are considerable, but it’s not without a few issues. One of the biggest drawbacks is the 3-day trial membership which is automatically renewed while charging your credit card. If you are not careful, it can bleed a considerable amount of money from your account. So, it is best to use a pre-paid credit card so if you forget the amount lost will be limited.

  • Average Number of Features
  • Outdated Design

The website does seem a bit past its prime which is strange given its popularity, but it may be that the owners are not that willing to change the site to a great degree because it may upset their older membership base.


While Sugar Daddy for Me is starting to show its age, it’s also hard to beat in terms of its cost, membership level, and ease of use. This is a great sugar baby and sugar daddy dating site that offers quite a lot for those looking for love. The three-day trial provides you with a good glimpse into the potential of the website, but be sure to use a pre-paid credit card in case you do not use their services and forget to cancel.

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