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Since 2010, What’s Your Price has created quite a stir as it has helped to transform how traditional dating sites work. The creators of this sugar daddy dating site went out of their way to make a forum that was markedly different than those which preceded and that has worked. There have been several publications, including the Daily Mail, Time, and Forbes that have carried articles about this site.

Packed with features, what separates What’s Your Price from previous sugar baby dating sites is how the sugar daddies bid to date the women they want. A woman can make money on this site, fielding offers from different men.

However, has the time of What’s Your Price over since other websites have been created in a similar vein?


As you might imagine, the cost is not about subscription fees, but rather about how much men are willing to pay to date women they want to meet. So, the average for a first date is often $120 to $200 depending on the woman they want to meet. However, that price may go up for second and third dates.

Features Lists

Because this is not a conventional sugar daddy dating site, it does not have the usual features. Registration and signing into the site are routine with a verification process that must be observed. The actual features are all geared towards mature adults looking over the profiles of the female members of the site and requesting communication.

The website is simple to navigate and the blog offers numerous articles that provides tips and insights into the dating scene. This is valuable information that helps make the site one of the best around. All the information provides even first-time users with the knowledge of how to bid for dates.

Pros & Cons

For women, the ability to get paid for dating makes it a profitable site that allows for a little extra income and the chance to meet the right person. This also is the biggest benefit for the men since it provides a healthy number of women to choose from on the site.

If there is a con, it is that some men might find themselves outbid by others on a routine basis depending on their luck. So, care will need to be taken when looking for the right person to date.


What’s Your Price overcomes one of the biggest issues that face most sugar daddy dating sites, the lack of attractive women as members to the site itself. Quite often, the ratio is 80-20 or worse which makes for a poor experience for men looking to find the right woman. However, What’s Your Price makes sugar baby dating easier, if more expensive at least for the initial dates.

While some women take advantage of the system created by What’s Your Price, the bottom line is that this unique approach means that a well-to-do man stands a much better chance at finding the women they want. So, if you do not mind paying more, What’s Your Price is one of the best dating sites of its type.

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